Feeding Yourself Better With Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo

stupid easy paleo

Naturally, former science teacher (& former xterra endurance racer turned Olympic weight lifter!) Steph Gaudreau would recommend that you turn yourself into a science experiment as you embark on your journey towards better health. The teacher turned whole food advocate/recipe creator is very clear about the fact that she has no idea what is the[..]


Recipe: Anti-Oatmeal

I wanted to share a recipe I’ve been using for breakfast that I think is pretty dang awesome and that will help you have another option for breakfast…cuz ya’ll are always sayin’ that you need something fast and that you don’t want to have eggs every day. AND – so many of you who take[..]


Tracking Calories In/Out…This Trend Has Run Its Course

Quick housekeeping note: did you know I’m hosting a more daily conversation of how to be ‘fit for real life’ over on this site’s new Facebook page? Writing big, quality, regular posts is tricky right now with running the gym & whatnot, so I’ve started the Facebook page as a way to curate & discuss[..]


Recipe Sexy Summer Sangria

I’m not one to chase recipes that make me hunt down a million ingredients. And I tend not to follow any one recipe exactly. I think of what I’d like to have in my mind, then if I’m not sure about whether a certain ingredient or method “goes” with it, I’ll check a few recipes[..]



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