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“This Emotional Life” On PBS

How’s those New Years Resolutions coming? I’m really proud for many of you who’ve told me about your resolutions for this year! You’ve given some thought to the things you want to be better at & now you’re going to implement a plan to make it happen….right? (the sound of pins dropping…) No really –[..]


Giving the power of knowledge|Last minute gift ideas

Books. The gift of one is often relegated to tween Harry Potter fans & Baby’s First Reader books – why do we forget about sharing the tomes of words that have the power to actually change our lives? Well, probably, because we never were introduced to ‘that one book’ that changed our lives or ‘that[..]


Because, Laughter: Keenan the Lip Synching Kid

I’ve grown up loving WGN news in Chicago. They are a true Chicago station with true Chicago flair- the morning news team does so much more than deliver the ‘hard news’, in fact, when not doing news stories, they fill time with the most inane things ever – dance party Fridays, video of the sports[..]


The best offense is a good defense

Said time and again by coaches, “the best offense is a good defense” depicts the way in which the coach is focusing his ¬†or her team to be strong defenders so that the opposing team cannot run the score up on them. The logic is that you can be great scorers, but if the other[..]



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