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Living life like an iphone|Newer, Faster, Better

Rarely do I value the things I see on weight loss show, Biggest Loser. God bless the shows’ intentions! However, the actions Biggest Loser trainers take to push their morbidly obese clients to 2olb weekly weight losses are sometimes questionable by those educated & certified in the training field. The crazy intensities the contestants bodies may[..]


2010 in review:Key posts you need to read

WordPress sent me my stats for the year – it was a good year for Fit for Real Life! I wanted to thank you all for utilizing me as your resource for getting the real truth about how to be optimally fit, gluten free, and motivated to go live your life to the fullest! Here’s a summary[..]


A Knock-out Homemade Gift|And I’m no Martha!

Nuts! Nuts are so good for you! When eaten in moderation, and as long as you don’t have an allergy to them, nuts can offer a good source of energy, a small whack of protein to feed your muscles, & can act as a speed bump to slow down the sugar absorption when eating fruit![..]


A milestone in my health journey!

I’m rushing around today getting ready to leave for vacation with Drew – it’s our 3rd one together – and I just got news that it’s going to be the one that I go into with the best health out of all the years he’s known me!! You see, our first vacation together was before[..]


Food Taxes & Our Future

I haven’t had much time to watch tv (or write!) lately, but when I have sat down for a little tv time, I keep getting annoyed by 1 commercial in particular. Have you seen this one- with the lady going through the grocery check-out talking about how it’s wrong that government is considering taxing soda & other unhealthy drinks? Then she says[..]



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