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Are we too far passed the early 90s for me to start off with a Cheers reference? Normally, all my references hit their mark, but recently, I started getting athletes in my gym young enough to have no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Jane Fonda. So now I check myself first[..]


Transformation Potential | Genes or Environment…or both?

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] I’ve honestly re-written this post 8 times and each time I read it back and think, ‘you sound insane Kate, how does any of this relate to someone reading who wants to be awesome, and fit, and happy, and healthy?’ Be forewarned – if you’re totally not down with the concepts of[..]


Optimal Health = Removal of Toxins/Pro-Inflammatory Foods

[twitter-follow screen_name=’kgalliett’ link_color=’00ccff’] First, I’ve been MIA lately because other priorities have kept me away…as I’m reminded at times, writing my blog doesn’t earn me money {YET…people who give out book deals, are you listening?} so I’ve been heavily involved in projects that are totally awesome, and do happen to make me money. Girl’s gotta[..]



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