Evolve Thyself

How You Can Become ‘Top 5’ (Or Better) at Everything

As my client and I were finishing up her session I asked her about the upcoming triathlon workouts she’d be starting with her team, for next springs’ youth triathlon season. She ages up this year, meaning she’s now the youngest in the next age bracket up. And in case you were unaware, the youth triathlon[..]


How To Tune Up Your Decision-Making Abilities

As a strength coach for my clients, I play a lot of roles beyond just the “programmer of exercises”. Teacher, friend, supporter, listener…and sometimes I fill the role of ‘person who brings up uncomfortable topics for the sake of the persons’ long-term progress.’ If there’s something standing in the way of progress, or that is[..]


Finding an Alternative Path to Fulfill Your Mission

(alert: as I’ve written about before…when you question whether you should do something, and that thing sorta scares you and makes you feel embarrassed…you should probably do it b/c that’s most likely the Authentic You seeping out. This post is one of those moments for me. It’s nothing special but it – my poetry –[..]


What are you doing?

I’m super amped on the self-evolvement stuff these days, but it’s also clutch to remember that we’re all in this together, and if you’re helping someone else, then you’re helping yourself too. SO… Are you doing what you can to lift someone up, help them be better, or support them as they grow?

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