Evolve Thyself

Physical Culture, Self-Expression, & Awe

Your chest swells. Goose bumps form on your arms. Deep in your belly, your solar plexus shoots energy out to the rest of your body through the bundle of nerves housed there. The feeling of ‘awe’ – it is intense and vital to the human existence. “We have a responsibility to awe.” – philosopher, Jason[..]


How To Get Out Of Your Head & Perform Better


I love the show Vikings on History Channel. I don’t care if its accurate or not, have you seen the bodies on those Vikings (men and women)?…and the strength & power that the Viking women get to display?…I love it all. When I think of being fit for real life, I think of being strong,[..]


Action Steps for Creating An Inspiring Life

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In my last post, I introduced the concept of ‘texture’ and how bringing texture into your life creates variety, novelty, richness, depth and contrast – all of which are key parts of having a life that is fun & enjoyable. I’m no expert on life, but I’m fairly certain that as humans, we’re supposed to[..]


How To Create A Life That Inspires You

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The ‘routine.’ The day-to-day. The “grind.” Blah. Life deserves to be more than one-note. And as adults, it can so easily become just one, boring, mind-numbing note. I aim to avoid using the word “should”, for so many reasons, but I’m going to go out on a limb & say that no one’s life should[..]


Gymnastics & Life Lessons

(originally posted Feb 2014, it’s currently Sept 2014 and my gymnastic life continues to bring me the deepest and most profound joy imaginable) 🙂 I wrote my first post about going back to gymnastics on Feb 22, 2012 partly to share my excitement and partly to show you just how valuable a good coach can[..]


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