Evolve Thyself

Savor It. Or Don’t.

“Eat it slowly! You only get your 1st beignet once.” The lead character, a chef, said to his son as he dove into a plate of beignets while walking along the streets of New Orleans. That line hit me in the face, hard. I’m not even sure what happened for the next few minutes of[..]


How To Recover From Defeat


I was gutted. The outcome he’d been aiming for didn’t happen. Not good. As a person of normally many words, I had none this day to share with this friend of mine as he faced defeat. It took a little time, but he found the words himself. “I like to believe that I meet triumph[..]


Gambling On The Sunset

main beach sunset

Sunsets with Tommy were my favorite days of summer. Closing up the beach, picking up trash, watching over the last few kiddos desperate to hang on to their beach time for just a little longer. While mid-day lifeguard shifts featured up to 12 guards & 2 managers working the beach, closing shift was made up[..]


Physical Culture, Self-Expression, & Awe

Your chest swells. Goose bumps form on your arms. Deep in your belly, your solar plexus shoots energy out to the rest of your body through the bundle of nerves housed there. The feeling of ‘awe’ – it is intense and vital to the human existence. “We have a responsibility to awe.” – philosopher, Jason[..]


How To Get Out Of Your Head & Perform Better


I love the show Vikings on History Channel. I don’t care if its accurate or not, have you seen the bodies on those Vikings (men and women)?…and the strength & power that the Viking women get to display?…I love it all. When I think of being fit for real life, I think of being strong,[..]


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