What Pain Will Do

image is of me, standing on a flat rock overlook, looking down on a field of snowy tall grass with a bright blue sky behind me and small peaks off in the distance behind me

Pain will make you unable to think.Unable to create.It will slow your momentum.Make you feel frail.Make everything, from getting out of bed to tying your shoes, harder.Shrink your world to a tiny fraction of what it was.It will exhaust you.It will make it harder to fall asleep.And harder to stay asleep.Make you more dependent on[..]


Looking Back On A Life-Changing Year

One year ago, I wrote this: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve not experienced a global pandemic in my lifetime. Initially, I felt levels of anxiety far beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. Everything about life felt like it was changing. Rapidly. And without my consent. ⁠​​⁠​​But shortly thereafter, I shifted into thinking about[..]


3,000 Kilometers South, Part Three

It was thirty minutes to midnight when the lights of a small town appeared on the horizon. “Want to get out and look at the stars before we get too close to town?” “For sure.” Room At The Inn In the hours we’d been driving the now-dirt road of La Cuarenta, the wind had picked[..]


3,000 Kilometers South, Part Two

A heavy hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear saying “don’t move” woke me from the deepest sleep. Instantly fully awake, I froze in my skin, eyes wide open and staring at the tent ceiling. Then I heard it. Snarling and growling and rooting noises that were unlike any animal I’ve ever[..]


3,000 Kilometers South, Part One

Three years ago, I stood in the quietest place I’ve ever been, having arrived here because we saw a volcano on the horizon and drove towards it, found a dirt road and followed it, further and further back, till we found ourselves at the barren base of the volcano. Evening of Day Two in Patagonia…[..]



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