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Fitness. That word is broad in its’ scope & exciting in its’ depth…there’s an endless array of things you can do if you’re strong & fit. And not just in that traditional sense of ‘fitness’ that you’re probably thinking of right now…

To be fit for real life, sure, let’s establish excellent physical fitness;

…but what about your mental fitness?

…how are you doing with your emotional fitness?

…and have you ever considered your higher-consciousness fitness?

My tenets for being fit for real life:

You can ask of your body a multitude of things & it will respond accordingly.

You can lift heavy objects, but you’re also able to sustain cardiovascular performance; whether than means running for distance, sprinting from a dangerous situation (hey, ya never know!) or lifting weights with intensity.

You choose foods for their nutritional value & you eat real food that comes from the ground or an animal.

You also balance your workout & lifestyle activities to include a variety of activities and exercise-formats so that your body can be agile, balanced & flexible.

Your core is strong & your body sustains performance without pain.

You live with the understanding that you are in control of yourself, and that is all, and so you must evolve, adapt, and excel at the playground that is within you so you can excel in the playground that is around you.

You view life as an opportunity, not a penance & you approach each day with zeal for what it possible.

Just chillin.

I created Fit for Real Life because I’m fascinated by all the things that can make us better humans; from your gut (stomach health) to your gut (that deep gnawing thing that can drive you forward AND make you stop dead in your tracks). I seek out & happily share those things with you here so that you can create a truly amazing life for yourself.

And in case you want to know a bit more about me, here it is in a 20-second run-down:

Did I mention I’m a bit of a 21st century hippie? Cuz, full disclosure: I am.

My spirit animal is an owl.

I adore beautiful language & brutal honesty.

In my work as a fitness pro, I find people’s inefficiencies & then help them set new paths for their body, mind, and soul.

I do gymnastics. It is the most soul-baring time in my week.

Coffee is my thing. So is good conversation.


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