Are You Taking A Scarcity Mindset With Your Body?


You can do all the best drills and follow the routine most diligently – but if you don’t address what’s happening in your mind, you’re going to struggle with long-term success.

There are two kinds of mindsets you could deploy when it comes to your body. One is highly common, but not very helpful. The other is far less common, but is the ticket to reaching your goals happily, maintaining your body’s capabilities for the long haul, and having as much fun with the process as possible.

In this recent facebook live event, I share with you what the two mindsets are, how you can determine which one you’re deploying currently, and how to start adopting the better mindset that will support you well as you work towards your goals and start tapping into your true potential.

Want to understand, once and for all, how to start feeling good and moving well?
My book, The Movement Manifesto, will help you get started on the right foot.



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