Making Feet And Glutes Work Nice So You Can Move Well


In order to get around this great Earth, you’re going to need your locomotive capacity to be functioning well.

That means having all of the body parts necessary for movement working.

And it means having your movement quality such that the very act of locomotion (walking, running, jogging, crawling, climbing) is possible for you.

In these two recent facebook live sessions, I taught the ins and outs of making your feet and your glutes – two of the primary tools for moving your body – work nice. I also taught drills to help you improve the way in which you move your body as you walk.

10 Things To Know About Feet And Glutes

Part Two: Feet, Glutes, And Locomotion


Want to understand, once and for all, how to start feeling good and moving well?
My book, The Movement Manifesto, will help you get started on the right foot.



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