How To Help Your Shoulders Feel Better


When your shoulders ache, pinch, or are injured, it’s hard to lead a normal life.

Finding a solution to your shoulder pain can be frustrating, however, you don’t have to feel stuck with shoulder pain forever. There are a few simple steps you can take to put your shoulders on a better path – a path that sees your shoulders feeling and functioning better.

I’ve created this interactive poster for you to help you take the first five steps in supporting your shoulders so that they get onto that better path. (The poster is interactive when you download your own copy-instructions for how to do this are below)

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You’re welcome to download the Support Your Shoulders In Five Simple Steps poster and save it to your computer, or hang it where you’ll see it often.

Click here and you will be taken to a Dropbox folder where I’ve placed the poster and it can be downloaded there.

And if you’d like to expand your understanding of the five steps outlined in the poster, I created a FREE five-day email series that walks you through further education, plus a daily activity for each of the five steps.

Each activity in the five-day series can be done anywhere, no matter your space, equipment, or ability level. The education and activity are easy to follow and easy to apply.

If making your shoulders feel and function better is important to you, then you’ll really enjoy the free Support Your Shoulders In Five Simple Steps five-day email series.

CLICK HERE to get instant access to the Support Your Shoulders In Five Simple Steps email series.

(Note: this poster, and the information contained in it, are not meant to replace a doctor’s advice. If you have a serious medical issue, seek a doctor’s guidance.)


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