Having A Life Of ‘More’ Through Better Movement (Plus, Must-See Articles and a Special Giveaway)


You never know what’s around the bend, so go ahead and guess, but know that you’ll likely be mind-blown at what actually appears as you round the bend.

This has rung true for me for the last 4 years that I’ve really started paying attention to ‘what I think is going to happen’ and what actually happens.

It’s easy to look back and see because I write in a journal regularly. I can see what I was thinking & feeling weeks, months, years ago.

And when I look back to a few months ago, “drive an SUV through Chile & Argentina for 2 weeks down to Patagonia” wasn’t in my list of ‘stuff that’s ahead’.

And yet, it happened. Because life is about ‘more’.

Do, Be, Have: What More Means Is Personal

I often get asked what it is I do in the world of health and fitness. To be honest, it’s a bit hard to answer because I’m not focused on just one area.

So to keep it simple, I respond with this: I help people do ‘more’ in their life.

And I subscribe to that motto fully myself.

And it’s resulted in all sorts of adventures – like meeting Zach And Tessa, backpacking Spikeball players, who I hiked an 8 hour day with to the Paine Towers in Patagonia.

I don’t tell you this to brag, though. Because, ‘more’ isn’t just bombing around Patagonia to hike and climb and play Spikeball under the watchful eyes of the Towers.
(Side note: Spikeball was the perfect wind down after our hike. It’s an incredibly fun game that gets heated very quickly as you figure out how to play. I’ve ordered a set, and I’m looking forward to travelling with it.)


More’ can mean so many things. It just depends on who you are.

Maybe it means:

  • Playing with your kids as they grow up and take on new adventures – without your knees throbbing with pain and holding you back
  • Doing yard work without wrenching your back & missing future workouts because of it
  • Completing in an Ironman triathlon or Crossfit competition, and getting a result you’re proud of… because you didn’t get pulled down by muscular imbalances that held you back or saw you crippled
  • Walking three kilometres through Santiago (there and back, no less than 3 times in 36 hours) to find the best cafe in the city that had the option of Chemex or aeropress of their well-selected beans on offer

Whatever ‘more’ is to you, it’s personal.

But one thing is for sure. ‘More’ is about getting more out of life, as you fully engage with it.

Why I Want ‘More’ For You (And This Isn’t Greedy)

To have a life truly well lived, you must have more. But you can’t experience all that life has to offer if you’re stuck, broken or mangled while facing down the challenges on the road ahead.

I want the hurdles removed so that whatever is around the bend for you is something you can say yes to.

It’s something you can dive into.

It’s something that you can handle with graceful strength, succeed with, and enjoy.

I want the hurdles removed so that when the trail gets rocky, as it will from time to time, I want you to be able to handle it.

Even if you feel like there could be certain death lurking around the corner.

That orange stick means ‘I’m still on the path!’……..and yes, that’s a hundreds of feet drop-off just the other side of it, and it was blowing what felt like 30 miles per hour gusts up there

I want the hurdles removed so that when it starts snowing on you in the middle of summer, i.e. when things get weird, I want you to know you have the ability to make it through the weirdness.

I want the hurdles removed so that when the chance to go off the beaten path shows up, I want you to know you can take it, e.g., when seeing the volcano from a better angle requires climbing down a concrete slab, skirting your way through some mud, through a narrow door, onto a narrow bridge.

These are my stories. These are my experiences. And they will be different to yours.

But at the end of the day, one thing matters.

That you get your ‘more’ – whatever that means for you.

More Is Yours For The Taking

And I want to help you get it.

To tackle your ‘more’, and be prepared for whatever it takes, you need to start with knowledge.

And while I was off doing my ‘more’ in South America in February 2015, a ton of great content came out.

In case you missed it, I’m rounding it all up for you here – to help you prepare, and to be ready.

Training The Core: How A Physio Looks At Building Your Core Stability

Image Credit: Legacy Therapy St Louis

First up, a fantastic piece by my colleague (and my future gymnastics spotter/coach, but he doesn’t know that yet), Dr. Dave Tilley.

Dave is a smart physio and I’ve learned a lot of what I teach today with torso training from his writing.

Dave did a piece for Fit For Real Life on exactly that, inner-core training, and the exercises he shares are top-notch for getting the torso into action and stronger than ever.

You can read Dave’s post here.

The Gokhale Method On Hip Pain And How To Relieve It

Next, a piece on the hips and the Gokhale Method from Kathleen Marie, who I got connected to through the magic of the internet.

Hip pain is a common complaint I hear today from clients and readers. Having just spent the majority of 2 weeks in a car hauling 5400 km, I can understand why. Sitting for a long time hurts.

Kathleen’s article explains what makes your hips hurt, and more importantly, 3 things you can do to start fixing that hip pain.

You can read Kathleen’s post here.

Simply Human Episode #66: Hip Talk & I Gotta Go

For the last several months, I’ve been appearing as a guest on the Simply Human Radio Show working on 1 of the 6 Pillars in my 6 Pillar Model.

Mark & Rick are hilarious and excellent hosts, always asking great questions and spurring interesting dialogue.

The most recent show we did was on Strong Hips, and frankly, it’s my favorite one we’ve done so far. Heaps of actionable stuff in this episode gang. Your hips are going to thank you for the love you give them from this show.

You can listen to the episode here.

And if you feel like binging, you can listen to all our episodes together, here.

The Mental Side Of Fitness

Before my trip to South America, I was tasked with creating this piece for Whole9. In my eyes, the mental side of fitness – training your brain – is just as important as the physical side of fitness.

It was a fun article to put together on how certain mental strategies actually can help you enhance your fitness results, and not just in a ‘if you believe it you can achieve it’ kind of way.

You can read the article, including actionable steps, here.

Remember: Your ‘More’ Is Personal – But Your Body Has To Be Able To Support It

At the end of the day, a lot of experiencing what life has to offer comes down to how prepared your body is. Because if your body isn’t ready, you aren’t doing it.

So take the time now, and ask yourself…

What’s my why?”

And when you figure that out, it’s just a matter of working backwards and making sure your body is ready.

How To Get More: The Inside Pass

If you’re looking to get your ‘more’, and have your body support you through that process… then you’re going to love this giveaway.

To celebrate getting ‘more’ from your life, I’m giving away three Prize Packs for The Unbreakable Body – each worth $367 – for a total of $1,101 in prizes.

If you win, you’ll get complete access to The Unbreakable Body, as well as The In-Office Brain & Body Refresh Protocol.

Enter the draw here for your chance to win.

Plus, there’s another cool part. You aren’t limited to just ONE entry for this $1,101 prize giveaway.

Instead, once you’ve entered your details here, you can get extra entries by sharing the “Lucky Link” you’ll receive with friends.

And for every friend who enters the competition through your link, we’ll give you THREE extra entries.

Doors close for this competition on Monday, the 23rd of February, at Midnight.

**UPDATE: The giveaway has now ended and winners have been chosen. 


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