My Stubborn Story Of Serious Injury | Video

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I have injured myself to the point of needing a wheelchair to get around. I also dealt with chronic sub-optimal health for much of my earlier life.

Sick. Broken. Blah.

Inevitably, these stories come up in my time spent with my clients. Most of my in-person folks stick around for years as clients so we both end up knowing almost every single gory detail about each others’ history, and that includes all the stories that make us ‘us’.

Usually they ask with an incredulous tone, “you? you seem so healthy, it’s hard to imagine the person you’re telling me about.”

I get it. It might be hard to picture that a fitness professional ever struggled with staying fit, strong, injury-free, or healthy. I can’t speak for others but I know I didn’t show up on this planet with all of the knowledge I have today already downloaded into my brain.

We make mistakes. We learn from them (sooner or later). We do better next time. We get smarter. We evolve into the people you know us as today.

In this video, I tell the story of the worst injury I ever had and how I did it to myself.

Injuries suck. Most of the time, they were preventable. Sometimes though, it’s hard to see that.

Which is why I understand it when I get folks sitting in front of me who
a) want to eliminate injuries and aches they’re dealing with, but
b) want to keep doing exactly what they’re doing.

More likely that not, you need to do something different if you aren’t feeling as well as you possibly could.

If you’re in that boat, and not sure what that ‘something different’ might be, heads up – the doors re-open in less than a month for The Unbreakable Body and the wait list is already open.

So, without further ado, here’s my story of how I found myself in a wheelchair in a Florida airport with the worst injury I’d ever had, all caused by my very own unwillingness to change. 

And for those of you who are all ‘let me skip around to the section I want to listen to most’, here are the bullet points:

  • when I first realized I might be injured at 2:25
  • talking about denial at 2:54
  • thoughts on why doing ‘less’ when you’re injured can cloud your judgement 3:40
  • the thing that put me in a wheelchair 5:54
  • why some humans wait till their broken to do something about it 8:20


Tell me, have you gotten a knock from the Universe telling you its time to do something different? What did you do? (or have you not acted on that knock yet?) I love learning my clients’ backstories, and I’d love to know yours! Leave me a note in the comments below if you want to share your story.

2 thoughts on “My Stubborn Story Of Serious Injury | Video

  1. Marty says:

    I’ve had a nagging IT band injury for six months now. I’ve learned tons about the IT band “support system”, and strengthening all of the muscles around the glute region, and I’ve put a lot of work into hip-opening exercises, ensuring I’m targeting the correct areas.

    A part of this has been re-learning to properly execute a squat, but this has yet to happen. I’ve never been able to do pistols, which I’ve learned is tied to having extremely weak glutes, and being a runner led to shortened hip flexors, and in turn making me quad dominant.

    Talking to my parents, I’ve learned that I was born with metatarsal torsion, where the muscles of my foot pulled my whole foot to the inside. I was given a corrective cast to properly adjust, however I’m thinking this is what’s causing my current pain, the breaking point for years of poor squatting technique, etc.

    I refuse to give up, however I feel like I’ve had no clear signs of progress, or what “magical formula” there is, which combination of stretches and strength work are going to move me in the right direction.

    I am definitely open to alternative activities in the interim, however I’m guilty of becoming impatient. Although I’m 40, I’ve been very active up until now, and I don’t want to reduce my activity and continue moving backwards in progress.

    1. Kate Galliett says:

      The ‘never give up’ attitude is the most important part of your equation, followed by the knowledge gains you’re trying to make here. I dig it and wish you all the success in the world. Have you thought about or focused on barbell hip thrusts yet? Those are excellent for glute development when done correctly.

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