It’s Time To Fix Our Handstands


I believe the handstand can be a fantastic component of a training program, building better body control, strength in the shoulders, forearms and torso.

But, that most definitely won’t happen if we keep doing sloppy handstands.

Realized I never made a blog post about my 1st handstand video, so, since I’m releasing a 2nd and 3rd how-to viddies today for fixin’ up handstands, I figured this would be a good time to house all videos in a blog post.

Today’s video dose dials in a few more elements of training for a proper free-standing handstand. This still.isn’t.everything. with regard to handstands….just like you can’t just say “get your chest to the bar” to get someone to do a pull-up (sans kip), you can’t just say “kick up” to someone to get them into a handstand.

Specifically, this video focuses on the little corrections for handstands that end up making a world of difference. Give them a try and let me know how your practice is going!


Video #1: My first Handstand Tutorial


Video #2: Fix it up!

Video #3: Getting out of one safely! As you know, what goes up must come down, watch this viddie to ensure you do it safely and correctly.

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Fix Our Handstands

  1. Joanne Skerritt says:

    I have been trying to do handstands against the wall
    for some time . I liked your explicit instruction on how
    to do it. I am 68 and so strength poses a challenge but I think I could follow your instructions and maybe
    succeed at one handstand . Thanks ! J

    1. Kate Galliett says:

      Joanne! I LOVE that you’re working handstands! Are you doing lots of forearm strengthening work? That is one key to having the stability and strength in the wrists/hands to maintain a handstand (wall or free-standing). Keep me posted on your progress!!

  2. Kathi says:

    Great instruction! I love that you show both what it should and should not look like.

    1. Kate Galliett says:

      You are most welcome Kathi!

  3. Petr says:

    I understand the message, but handstands against the wall helped me massively. But face to wall of course…
    I wrote about it here – it’s in Czech but I hope the photos would deliver the message 🙂

    1. Kate Galliett says:

      Hey Petr! Yep, I def agree the wall has its place…I simply want folks training smarter with the wall if they’re going to use it. Your pics are fantastic!

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