How To Create A Life That Inspires You

box hotel textural wall

The ‘routine.’ The day-to-day. The “grind.” Blah. Life deserves to be more than one-note.

And as adults, it can so easily become just one, boring, mind-numbing note.

I aim to avoid using the word “should”, for so many reasons, but I’m going to go out on a limb & say that no one’s life should be one-note and blah.

Life – yours, mine, our collective whole – is much better, much richer, much more HELL YAH when you actively work to create texture in your life.

What do I mean by texture? I mean, ‘create layers of interest that dance together and stoke the flame of inspiration within your life.’

That pic is of  a wall of a hotel room I stayed at in Brooklyn. This place, they did ‘texture’ so well.

In this hotel, It was impossible to be there and not feel charged up and energized. Not because the beds were nice or because it was in a great neighborhood, although they were and it was. By layering things everywhere, overlapping different colors & patterns, my eyes (& more so, my mind) were fascinated & curious.

I couldn’t look anywhere the hotel without having my eye drawn to something…and to the something that was beneath that or that was nearby and contrasting to it. The room, the hallways, it all made you take notice. Nothing faded into the background. The entire place was like that, even the neighborhood, Brooklyn, did ‘texture’ really well.

By creating texture with something, you create energy that demands to be noticed, you create harmony that feels good, and you create a layering effect that provides both visual and mental stimulation.

One of my mentors and most thought-provoking friends, Carmen, first brought the idea of ‘texture’ into my life and as soon as she said the word, it clicked.

Think of something you can touch that has texture. If you rub your fingers over it, you can feel contrast and variety. It sparks your attention.

Now think of your life being that way.

I loved the concept so much that I scrawled it on the chalkboard that hangs in my writing corner, where my fave artwork all hangs as inspiration. I see it every day and anytime I’m making a decision, I ask myself, “does this bring more texture into my life?” And if it does, I do it.

When you make texture, you create a multi-dimensional ‘thing’ that draws you in initially, but then keeps you there by bringing your attention deeper, with more layers that complement or contrast each other.

It’s like taking a white room that’s empty when you first move in, and building up layers of YOU in that room through color, meaningful objects, and a certain un-nameable energy that you know when you feel, but is hard to quantify as any one thing.

We appreciate the light because of the darkness, we appreciate summer because of winter.

Take away the contrast and variety and things lose their depth….they become one-note.

Create texture in your life.

I’ve been on both sides of this coin – living a one-note life that felt like I was moving the ball forward but feeling flat throughout the process; & living the opposite of that, as a human that seeks out new & novel experiences on the regular, that keeps eyes wide open for anything that is unique, interesting, and special (hint: most ALL of it is special if you’ve got your eyes open).

Creating texture creates richness, depth, and a layering effect that not only makes for visual and experiential interest, it provides a contrast and a tension that, I believe, is a key to life.

Think of music you love. There’s usually a harmony, a bass line, a melody, a percussion section, and possibly several other vocalists and instruments happening all at once.

And think of how you feel when a song really gets you going. You’re drawn in, and then you stay in – because it’s not just one-note – it’s taking you on a ride, giving you a variety that is deeply enriching.

I’m certain that you have at least one song that moves you into a brighter, more colorful head space. You feel electric when you hear that song.  As the song plays on, things are changing, evolving, & contrasting each other – and your mind, your spirit, they love that.

When we have variety, tension, and layers – we stay interested.

Compare that to how you’d feel if I played you a song that was just one note. Your mind would lose interest eventually. Because there is no variety, no change, it becomes just background noise.

Do not live a life made up entirely of background noise.

I’ve done it. It gets boring, and you end up feeling worn-down, and very “is this it?”.

Part of why vacations are rejuvenating is the different experiences you have while on them. You’ve broken the norm and now have something to compare/contrast in your life, thus making the whole thing more interesting & fulfilling. But it doesn’t have to take going on vacation to create texture in your life.

In fact, the daily things you can do to bring texture into your life, are easier to have and quicker to bring you a positive result. I’ve come up with several ways you can bring texture into your life, and I’ll share those in the next post. For now, take a look around you. What’s providing the texture in your life?  I’ll post what brings texture into my life tomorrow. {Part 2 of this post can be found HERE}


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