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In my last post, I introduced the concept of ‘texture’ and how bringing texture into your life creates variety, novelty, richness, depth and contrast – all of which are key parts of having a life that is fun & enjoyable.

I’m no expert on life, but I’m fairly certain that as humans, we’re supposed to have fun and get good stuff out of this life before time is up.
And, ensuring that happens is a job that rests squarely on your shoulders.

I wrote about this in May last year…that I began noticing that I had way more fun and energy in life, despite being crazy packed with my schedule, when I was actively pursuing fun, novel, new, experiences. I felt less tired packing 40 hours of fun into a 30 hour trip than I did in my days when I was at home chilling out. Don’t misunderstand…there is time and space for chilling out.

Creating texture in your life is not about going out to find the biggest, most excessively fun thing you can find to do.

It’s about creating a layering effect of sensations and ‘things to notice’, where you’re building a deeply enriching experience for yourself.

Even in your rest time, make it textural…candles, a great blanket, a book you’ve been wanting to read, burying yourself in a dozen pillows on your bed, making rest time a partner-act with someone special.

I mentioned in my last post that going on vacation is one way to bring texture into your life. It’s new, it’s novel, its the part of the song where the major beats drop in and your body can’t not notice how great it feels hearing this song. But vacations don’t happen every day.

So today I’ll cover how can you easily bring texture into your daily life. Because remember, having a life full of texture means you have a life that is not one-note…that keeps you connected to yourself…and that is engaging.

Create Your Daily Texture

Meet interesting people

Since you don’t know if someone will be interesting until you learn a bit about them, back the concept up even farther then to make it just: Meet people. Talk to people. Find out about them. Case in point: I told the story on facebook of how the front desk guy at that Brooklyn hotel I wrote about last time, that did texture so well, turned out to be friends with one of my friends…and we both enjoyed my stay at the hotel more because we now knew each other and could share common interests together. And the only way I found that out was by talking to him as I checked in.

Break up the routine by going out to eat after work once in a while if you normally would just head home (preferably to a locally owned place, they always have the best character)

I could easily make a simple meal at home on-the-cheap, and I do most nights, but about once per week, I head out, on a weeknight when there are specials (half-price bottles, anyone?) and usually a quiet restaurant, and have a meal out. And not a rushed one either. Hour, two hours, more?…It doesn’t matter the time, the slowing-down bit is part of what makes it nice. I sometimes dine with friends but I also dine alone, the conversation is great either way. (See previous point above) I enjoy getting to know the staff, & chatting with them becomes another form of texture in my life. I now have people I look forward to going in to see at several places around my area & this has created a bright spot in the mid-week that breaks up the usual weekday rigors. Sure, the meal costs more than what I’d make at home, but what I’m getting is far greater than the price of that meal.

Wear things that make you feel good, even if they’re out of context (what is context anyways, but some arbitrary set of rules or guidelines that we create)

One of my fave gurrrls Jen is never without some pretty legit jewelry, even when she’s working out. Several interesting looking bracelets and usually a killer ring in addition to her wedding ring. I always notice that stuff on her because she clearly made a deliberate action in putting each piece on. Pay attention. that sort of thing tells you more about who Jen is and how she’s feeling about herself & life (again…see Point #1 about interesting people).

Which dovetails nicely into the next item: Start noticing things – in your life, in nature, in other humans….there is so much texture already provided for you, if you’d just notice it

How the trees set against the blue sky, the little mannerisms of a person you interact with on the regular that makes them THEM, it’s effing fascinating to witness! This is much easier to do if you can let go of any judgement and just BE with those things you notice. The pic above of the pour-over coffee was at a local restaurant where I was going to break up the mid-week, got to know my regular server, found out we both love the finer points of coffee & its’ brew methods, and so he brought in his personal coffee-making gear one night so he could share his coffee-making skills with me (if you’re going to drink coffee at 10pm, have a plan for what you’re going to do with how awake you’re going to be…I stayed up to write for a good 3 hours.) It was such a fun experience, and a memory I won’t soon forget. TEXTURE.

Purposely seek out variety and different experiences

A question I started asking myself daily, “am I creating texture, am I creating variety, am I creating a life full of layers?” And if what I’d been doing has been fairly one-note, I make a change by determining what the next opportunity available to me is for going in the opposite direction or to do something different. Solid questions for determining if an experience will provide texture to your life: “is it a new experience for me?” “is it novel?” “will it bring me joy?” “am I unsure of what it will feel like?” The answers to those questions can help you determine if a particular experience is worth pursuing for the texture it will bring to your life.

Those are just a few suggestions of how you can create more texture in your life. What else could we do to add more texture? The whole point is to create a life that is rich, engaging, and motivating…& to max out what is possible for you as a human while you’re here on this spinning organic spaceship that’s hurtling through space.

what a ride!

It's my goal to help others find the texture in their life, and help them create more of it. Which is why I started a newsletter - so I could share things that were enriching & life-enhancing with you. I don't send it out with any regularity, only when I find something that is texturally rich, life-enhancing, and that helps you become more fit for real life. If you'd like to get my newsletter, here's the page where you can sign on to do that.
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2 thoughts on “Action Steps for Creating An Inspiring Life

  1. Cristie says:

    I absolutely loved this blog, Kate. It’s so true. We could go about our lives everyday, living in the same old mundane fashion. But when we have something “different” occuring, our senses heighten and we appreciate what’s happening at that moment. We need to make these moments happen and seek out new and exciting things (aka find the texture).
    You are texture in my life and you are helping me find a better me.

  2. Kate Galliett says:

    Aww Cristie!! THANK YOU for letting me help create texture in your life! YOU do that for me too!

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