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I wanted to share a recipe I’ve been using for breakfast that I think is pretty dang awesome and that will help you have another option for breakfast…cuz ya’ll are always sayin’ that you need something fast and that you don’t want to have eggs every day.

AND – so many of you who take a look at low-inflammation diets like primal or paleo, and shut down at the thought of no more oatmeal for breakfast, I am here to help you. But people seriously…*oatmeal*?? You do know there are things like sausage, bacon, & avocados available at breakfast right? bacon and avocado…mmmmmmmmmm. I digress!

It wasn’t my intention to replace oatmeal with this recipe but when Drew asked what it was I had made, I said, “I dunno…it looks like porridge and tastes awesome and is legitimately a big protein fix for the AM.” And Drew was all, “that name will never work.”

So, here you have Anti-Oatmeal! It works amazingly with Rynopower vanilla protein powder, works not-at-all with the NOW & Jarrow brand proteins I tried and may work well with other proteins if you’re willing to act as your own test kitchen a bit. Don’t worry! I give options below to try in case your protein isn’t as easy-breezy to work with as Rynopower is.

And yes, that pic is not lovely, but I really wanted to get this out to you and it was the only one I had. forgive me food-styling gods.

Anti-Oatmeal (1 serving)

You’ll need:
– 2 scoops Rynopower vanilla or equivalent ~30-35g of your protein of choice
– 3Tbsp golden flax seed meal, regular flax seed meal is fine but not as lovely in mouth-feel(you’re storing your flax in the fridge or freezer right?)
– 7Tbsp water

Optional add-ins for boosted nutrition and flavor:
– grass-fed butter, the taste of grass-fed butter is noticeably better!
– cinnamon
– canned pumpkin (2Tbsp), fyi, store the extra pumpkin in a container in the fridge, NOT in the can!!!
– walnuts
– canned coconut milk, you’d sub up to all 7 of the Tbsp of H2O for it
– 1Tbsp almond butter
– 1tsp vanilla extract, especially if your protein isn’t vanilla flavored
– 1/2tsp unsweetened cocoa powder if you want to make yours like a molten chocolate cake

“Fix-it” add-ins to have on-hand in case your protein isn’t easy-breezy but you still want Anti-Oatmeal.
Any of these will work, you don’t need them all:
– coconut or almond milk, or if you like other milks, I’m sure they’d work too
– heavy cream
– grass-fed butter

Do these steps:
Mix together the protein, flax, and water in a bowl. Add in any add-ins’ you’re doing today. Seriously, the pumpkin add-in?…divine.

Mix it VERY well, smooshing the clumps that may form trying to break up as many as possible. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the bowl so you don’t have any chunks of unmixed protein down there too…that would give you a yuck face if you didn’t catch it before cooking this dish. If you need a touch more liquid at this point to incorporate everything, add it.

Microwave for :75 seconds, watching it the 1st time as it will fluff up like a souffle and you’d hate for it to spill over. If it starts to fluff too high, just stop the microwave, let it come back down then start the microwave again.

Remove the bowl and look at it. Is it mostly stiffened up or does it still slide around like a porridge? If it’s stiff, you’re done. Usually, mine ends up being still slidy/porridge-like in the middle and cooked stiff around the edges and that’s fine with me, but if you want it more cake-like, throw it back in for :15 intervals until its as stiff as you like.

***If yours comes out and it’s reaaaaallllly dry and not awesome, pour in one of the “fix-it” add-ins I noted above. The milk added in to “fix it” will absorb into the overly stiff anti-oatmeal and your end-product will be more like ‘cake and milk’ than porridge. If yours gets really overly stiff you’ll actually be able to cut it like bread and you could put the butter on it and eat it that way too!
*And for next time, if yours ends up overly stiff, add more water or a liquid add-in, and take away 1Tbsp of flax seed meal to your anti-oatmeal mix.

In my opinion, the best thing to top your anti-oatmeal with once it’s done? 1 Tbsp of grass-fed butter that melts and infuses the whole thing with that wonderful butter-goodness. 🙂 So give it a try and tell me how yours works out and which proteins you’re using so we can see which others stand up well in this recipe.

Or, if you want the easy-breezy route, head on over to Rynopower’s site and check out a tub of their protein. I’m not getting anything from promoting Ryan’s protein, I just really like it, and like Ryan’s focus to optimal health…he’s got a very holistic/natural/whatever you want to call it focus with his health & body, and that translates to his supplements, meaning there is nothing in the protein or other supplements that doesn’t need to be there. Here’s a good video of Ryan doing what he does best, teaching motocross riders and educating people about how they can reach their true health potential.

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Anti-Oatmeal

  1. Patty Wisniewski says:

    It sounds yummy! I’m gonna try it.

  2. cupcakebella says:

    Sounds delicious! 🙂

  3. I would love to feature this recipe on my new blog, Email me / tweet me @fitnesskitchen if youd like to share. Keep up the great work x

  4. David says:

    Whats important for our health and body doesn’t always look or taste perfect. I think if healthy foods did taste like sugar than people would over eat it and there is an old saying, to much of anything can be harmful. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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