Recipe Sexy Summer Sangria


I’m not one to chase recipes that make me hunt down a million ingredients. And I tend not to follow any one recipe exactly. I think of what I’d like to have in my mind, then if I’m not sure about whether a certain ingredient or method “goes” with it, I’ll check a few recipes online to see what others have done, then go my own way based on that knowledge. It’s like kitchen CIA intelligence.

I enjoy sangria in the summer. Red, not white. But if you swing that way, go ahead and make this with white. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Most sangria’s require some kind of liquor with the wine. I don’t keep liquor on hand and as I said, I don’t hunt down ingredients I’m not going to use all the time. So forget the extra liquor in the sangria. All the ingredients I listed below in my sexy summer sangria recipe are easily found in grocery stores – except for 1 – which you should go hunt down anyways, because you’ll totally use it a ton more once you taste how awesome it is. How will you use it? You’ll get a zillion ideas once you make it so go see what the ingredient is and get to work!

Ready for my sexy summer sangria? By the way…my sexy sangria is sexy like an athletic, strong, confident woman – not sexy like a jersey shore ho…that would be the sangria with the liquor, hiding behind the liquor to make up for what it doesn’t have within. MY sexy sangria is crisp, strong but slightly sweet, and can stand on its’ own.


– whatever red wine you find around the house
– coconut sugar (1 tsp/drink) for making your simple syrup
– frozen raspberries (or whatever frozen fruit you have…although I think frozen strawberries or grapes would be the biggest win aside from raspberries)
– La Croix, grapefruit flavor
– 1 lime cut into thin wheels

Make Your Coconut Sugar Simple Syrup:

Put 1 tsp/drink into a small pot with water. 2:1 ratio here, so if you use 2 tsp coconut sugar, use 1 tsp water. It won’t look like enough water, but you can always add more, you can never take it out once its in there. Put the pan on low heat and stir the sugar/water combo until the sugar dissolves. Do NOT walk away or you will have burned sugar and yourself to blame! This goes quick, so keep stirring and as soon as it dissolves, pull pot off heat and allow to cool. It will get thicker as it cools. If you made too much, you can store it in a glass jar for up to a month in the fridge. **You WILL want to lick it all up it tastes so good. Keep hold of yourself and refrain from this. (No one will know if you lick the spoon though)

Make your Sexy Summer Sangria:

Put 4 ice cubes into a short glass or wine glass. Add 1-2 lime wheels and a few frozen berries. Fill glass 3/4 of the way with wine. Fill rest of the way with La Croix. Take 1 tsp of your simple syrup and add it to the drink. If you’re trying to be fancy in front of guests, swirl the syrup from the spoon into the glass, it will look impressive. Then dunk the syrup spoon into the drink and stir while pressing down so the ice and fruit mash together a bit. We’d like the fruit to stay whole though – this isn’t a mojito – but if mashing fruit is more your thing, who am I to stop you? Final note – if you want to play around with the ratio, by all means do so. They’re your taste buds, so if a little more syrup makes sense for you, or if more fruit works better, enjoy experimenting!


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